Handmade Leather watches from Alfresco Unique Group

Right on time for Christmas ! Get some unique gifts to your family and friends!

When i was browsing Etsy,I found this company Alfresco Unique Group one day while searching for a cute,

unique watch to wear this spring/summer. I saw this watch and fell in love…

The “Melting” fluid-like watch face is so unique and unusual.I just loved the double straps that you
wrap around your wrist. You can get the watch face in sliver or gold and you can pick from a variety
of leather straps, and choose from an array of different colors. Everything is custom made and the possibilities are endless.
All of their watches are each handmade with high quality Japan Made movement watches and genuine leather imported from Italy.

They not only carry high quality watches but they have a variety of unique handmade steampunk necklaces made with
vintage mechanical watch movements. They have watches for men and women and a large selection of unisex mechanical skeleton watches. All gears Move in the lovely dance of time. The Glass is transparent from both sides to show off the lovely moving  Steampunk Gears within.
I just love looking at all the gears move

( glass is visible from both sides of the watch ), and combined with a Unique Personalized Handmade Genuine Leather Band that wraps around, making it a dynamic piece of art on your wrist to show it off !

When you look at this fully skeletonized piece of art ( watch), you get a great view of the mechanics
and all the gears moving inside in what I personally call “ The Dance of Time”.

I sometimes watch it just for fun.

The mechanical watch is either automatic or manual.It is powered by a spiral mainspring that turns the gears that move the hands.

With their inner parts on full display, these mechanical beauties show us exactly what makes them tick.


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