Melody Bromma and The City of Light


Out of soot, ink or sand, California bred writer, Melody Bromma, crafts songs, plays, columns and poetry. Touched deeply by the events in Paris, where she once lived, Melody Bromma turns her pen to crafting a poetic homage to The City of Light. A prayer for peace, it could be about Israel or New York or wherever the darkness persists in dimming the light.

City of Light

By Melody Bromma

Dead of night descending

a deafening blight arriving

on the backs of crows alighting

wings of soot, boots and noise

Death and night plummeting

barking lights cascading

into a fleeing heart, bleeding

the crows and blacksmiths reaping

Widowed City of Light

a brackish brawny night

has come to dim you

rape you and steal your moon

But shadows feed on fright

Darkness is merely absence

Of truth and love and light

Soon dawn will eat the night

Crows return to their nest of woe

like Nazi’s crippled by their own blows

The metal stones they’ve thrown

turn to pennies in the morning glow

Darkness does not exist

Fear will not persist

Even night cannot resist

Dawn in the City of Light

In memory of Hubert F. J. Bromma


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