A Quick Walk through Ketogenic Diet Plans

by newswashington on August 29, 2014


Do you wish to lose weight, while consuming a diet that is filled with lots of meat and eggs? If yes, you might feel lost because healthy diet plans are void of fatty food products and dairy items. With this being said, many people daunt the consumption of carrots and lettuce, every other day. This attributes to the need for sensational Ketogenic diet menu and plans.

The Trick

Unlike conventional food patterns, Ketogenic diet revolves around fat and proteins. The diet tricks the body and forces it to consider fat-based food items as an energy source. Thus, the body breaks fat and converts these molecules into useful energy.

The Right Combo

By default, Ketogenic dietary plans are filled with fat, low in carbohydrates and high in proteins. The foremost combination would restrict the accumulation of fat and use up calories effectively. However, you must remember that Ketogenic is a strict diet plan that must be followed carefully. If you are new to the dietary routine, ask a skilled dietician to design the meals. This is because some dieters have the vigor to tolerate high-fat diets that are formulated carelessly. Thus, to witness upright results, you must put together a perfect meal plan, with the right mix of all important nutrients.

For more information you can look at this website: http://ketogenicdietmenuplan.com


HomeBello Offers Gifts At The Click Of A Button

by newswashington on August 27, 2014

Looking for an elegant, stylish, yet affordable gift can be a chore at times, and it can be even harder to find an upscale site that offers the kind of jewelry, tabletop gifts, and accessories that you would want to bestow upon a friend. Luckily, a new site by the name of HomeBello is now offering a wide range of different gifts for shoppers who have a discerning eye for both price and style.



Cardio Kickboxing Certification

by newswashington on August 21, 2014

Are You Ready To Advance Your Career, Gain Members & Increase Income By Becoming Part of The Hottest, Improved Kickboxing Program Worldwide?

I CAN KICKBOX, Kickboxing Certification brings standards and guidelines to today’s powerful kickboxing workout. The principles of biomechanics, exercise physiology and injury prevention are applied in order to show people the safest and most effective way to lead a professional kickboxing class. Learn proper execution of punches, proper technique for kicks, equipment safety, combination-building and more. Get excited to learn and love the most talked about kickboxing program worldwide. We will show you how our program will quickly flood new members into your gym, martial arts or MMA center.



Chelsea ? – ? Leicester City – August 23 | 07:00

by newswashington on August 18, 2014


Match Review, and Watching Link, http://sportlemon-tv.com/

Match live for sportlemon tv

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Save money with voucher codes, deals and offers

by newswashington on August 13, 2014


Vouchersky spares no efforts to provide you with the opportunity to get all the great vouchers and discounts and have a large sum of money saved when you shop online.  Vouchersky strives to turn your online shopping into an unforgettable experience.  Vouchersky will be dedicated to sourcing the best voucher codes and unparalleled discounts from a good many stores and leading retailers to guarantee you can always purchase the discounted items or find the great deal.


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Liljellybeans Kids is a children’s online kids consignment resell store offering a large selection of fashionable children clothing at family friendly prices. Shopping with Liljellybeans will save you up to 80% off retail! They carry children’s clothing, sizes newborn to children’s 16 in all brands you know and trust. Selling items with liljellybeans.com is easy.

  1.  Visit the Seller page and fill out the online application to get started. They will review your information and approve or deny. Don’t worry almost everyone is approved!
  2.  Once you received your acceptance email it will contain a Seller Id which you need in order to send in your items. Before sending in your items be sure to check the Guides By Category section at the bottom of the page to make sure inventory is being accepted for those items.
  3. Shipping your items is a breeze. Also contained in your email is a section that will cover how you will determine whether you would like to send in your items and be reimbursed shipping or request a shipping label. Most send in and request reimbursement it speeds up the lag time in getting their items sent in.
  4.  Once your items are received they process them in the order they are received. They are inspected, catalog and then prepared for upload to our site. Your items will be marketed to their nationwide audience. You will receive notification via email of the status of your items all the way up till your items are listed for resell. Once your items are inspected and photographed they will send a list of the items accepted, that will be listed and their % of payment rate. All you have to do now is just sit back and get paid when your item sales. Great huh!
  5.  When your item sales your percentage is immediately offered to you the payment method you ( The Client) chose. If PAYPAL was chosen, They will send your payment once the minimum $10.00 has been met. They process payment requests quickly. Normally within 24-48hrs. If Credit was chosen a pay code will be given to you to use on the site to redeem as cash toward any item available in their store Including Gift Certificates!
  6. This is a great way to de-clutter and earn extra cash. It is an awesome way to  Recycle , Renew, Resell and Save!


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green_safety_sipper1_1…Did you know, FEMA states each person needs at least one gallon of clean, potable drinking water each day?

…Look around you, at the people in your daily world. How many gallons of filtered drinking water would it take to get just those people precious to you through the next 24 HOURS?

Safe drinking water is vital for survival. There are unpredictable things which could happen, from being stranded somewhere to a natural disaster hitting your area. Storing or carrying water supplies is nearly impossible and, there is also the possibility of the water to become contaminated. How can YOU insure to be prepared at all times?

blue_safety_sipper1_1Introducing: the new Safety Sipper™ – A personal water filter that is available for purchase online. Generally, water filters tend to be big, bulky and often require a power source. Nothing is needed for the Safety Sipper™ and it will filter up to 1,000 liters (That is 250 gallons)! The Safety Sipper™ is ideal for travel, hiking, camping, food storage, sports, outdoor enthusiasts, men, women, children and the elderly. The Safety Sipper™ personal water filter is the optimal choice for EVERYONE! Anytime, Anywhere…


both_safety_sippers1_1The recently launched water filter system – ‘Outdoor Water Straw Filter’ Safety Sipper™ is drawing the attention of users with its amazing blue and camouflage colors. The product is available on Amazon.com and comes with 2 FREE eBooks one, that acts as a guide for the users and the second is a survival tips eBook. The Water Straw Filter helps in making water cleaner and purer. Sources confirmed that Outdoor Water Straw Filter has special Sterilization mechanism. Whenever any bacteria cell comes in contact in water, the filter attacks them with the help of its high poly iodine resin. It destroys the bacterial enzymes such as pathogen organisms effectively and makes the water pure. It removes the bug, sediments, dust, algae and many other granular impurities.

The Safety Sipper™ filters can help in filtering 99.999 percent of parasites in waste water and bacteria to avoid dysentery. It can filter soiled water and purify it to make it drinkable to help avoid a number of diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera. The personal water filter system can stop amoebic dysentery and associated intestinal ailment. Since it has special activated carbon it helps in reducing the bad taste, and other toxic substances including Trihalogenated Methane, chlorine, organic chemistry possessions and other injurious substances.


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Teachers as Celebrities?

by newswashington on August 3, 2014


The Universe is Yours ™. Join us on social media outlets such as facebook/NASASpaceprincess for behind the scenes exploration of space with NASA and commercial companies committed to the commercialization of space. For more information go to www.spaceprincess.org follow up on twitter at NASA_Princess, Join the movement and contact us about becoming a space princess and hosting your own educational outreach programs and space parties.

NASA Space Princess teaches about Space and related science. She attends NASA Social events, hosts space parties, has an astronaut poodle, and much more! NASA Space Princess is a character created by Andrea Pearson-Haas to encourage STEM public outreach that gives all things NASA a fresh new trendy and scientifically accurate atmosphere to encourage interaction and discovery of our universe and the role of the National Aeronautics Space Administration and those partnerships. Part of this focuses on breaking invisible barriers that society has placed on women and girls in the sciences.

Her first round of degree, licenses, and certifications was with CCIM in commercial real estate, and while she was a member of a business honor’s society at Collin College, was accepted into the aerospace scholars program at NASA. They chose about 200 out of 5000 applicants to compete and about 80 made it through the program, in which we were awarded a NASA Aerospace Scholars Certificate. Her second degree currently being completed is a bachelor in Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas and Credentialed NASA Social Media participant for Orion, GPM, and SpaceX so far, who does public outreach for STEM, encourages girls and women to break the glass ceiling barrier, and that feminine identity has a place in science.

10488380_10203326223869262_2609976247679444748_nCurrently we are taking applications for space princess who want to teach about science, technology, engineering, art (related to space), and mathematics. Anyone can submit their space art, commentary, new products, concepts, ideas, and educational materials for partnership with the mission of NASA Space Princess Education.

NASA Space Princess Education is a 501c3 Not-For-Profit that does educational outreach in STEM, aimed primarily for students Pre K-12. One goal is to promote cultural diversity and international space relations intertwined with/or in addition to STEM education as appearing in character as a NASA Space Princess.

The humanitarian implication for space travel affects the human race and everything in the universe. Diversity is the strength for peace and economical foundation. We are designing curriculum for teachers and students broadening the children’s and adults exposure of cultures on a global scale with our international partnerships at NASA, understand the motivation and interests of our students so we can teach them what they want to learn and find out what is working and what is not by our interactive educational televised program in the works we are taking the learning through students eyes as an approach to modify material and reflect the intellectual endeavors across generations.

Recently NASA Space Princess attended a NASASocial at Wolf Trap in Virginia where The Next Giant Leap was discussed for Orion and our Mars initative with Administrator Bolden and Buzz Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin commented that he needed a new pair of glasses like the ones she was wearing and you can find all of this and exciting more footage on the www.spaceprincess.org website and at www.UTDTV.com with “Comet’s Burning Bright” a TV segment she is working on. She is honored that one of the first men to have walked on the moon liked her space gear, because she makes them for her students to motivate them to earn it when you learn it.

NASA Space Princess is looking for all space enthusiasts, hopes to visit International Space University and the International Space Station when she finishes her studies on the brain in microgravity, and is looking for women to join her movement in teaching kids about space, please email her for details nasa@spaceprincess.org or call her American phone line area code 972-855-8264 We are taking applications for space princesses who want to teach about science, technology, engineering, art (related to space), and mathematics. Join the movement!

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Actor with all the right skills

by newswashington on July 27, 2014

You haven’t heard of Neal Kumar, but you will. Neal Kumar was Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the north of England. His passion for the arts was ignited with a desire to learn the piano at an early age. Whilst studying Martial Arts Neal continued to focus on his craft. whilst also continuing his education attending the University of Huddersfield in England,where he achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. Due to his academic success, Neal chose to continue his higher education and also achieved a Masters degree in electronic business, also from the university of Huddersfield.

Neal always worked on his passion for the arts studied drama with LAMDA under the guidance of well respected drama tutor, Sally Ashworth and then the famous Actors workshop which was based in Nottingham. Using these tools Neal focused on learning all aspects of Film & Television and made the brave decision to relocate to Hollywood, California to maximise his opportunities. Neal currently has a number of films which are being submitted to film festivals around the world. If you would like to see how Neal is doing follow him on his twitter @nealkumartv

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New Book Slams Reagan Presidency

by newswashington on July 22, 2014


A new book, entitled “The Reagan Casualties: Overseas Atrocities of the Great Communicator”, outlines many intriguing facets of President Reagan’s foreign policy and harshly criticizes his human rights record. The book’s author, Jacob Klezaras, tells a compelling tale of the former president’s agenda.

Written from an authorial position of moral outrage, the book discusses the administration’s alleged involvement in multiple genocides and terror operations abroad. “The Reagan Casualties: Overseas Atrocities of the Great Communicator” asserts that President Reagan provided aid to terrorist groups and death squads in various areas of the globe and goes on to explore President Reagan’s relationship with such notorious figures as Saddam Hussein, Charles Taylor, and Pol Pot.

The book, released through independent publisher the Wollstone Book Group, strives to point out that, while President Reagan claimed to be a steadfast proponent of human freedom good government, his administration was involved in global operations that had catastrophic impacts on innocent civilian lives. In “The Reagan Casualties”, Klezaras maintains that malicious dealings in places from Haiti to the Near East resulted in the needless deaths of innocent men, women and children.

The newly published book is now available for purchase via Amazon and select independent booksellers. A Kindle-compatible eBook is also available


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