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Driversprep.com is an excellent website for reviewing driving skills and taking practice tests for the DMV Driver’s License. The site is simple to use. Click on “Start Your Practice Test” button on the home screen and then select the state in which you will be taking the test and the test begins. The question layout is similar to what you will find on the DMV test. The questions usually have a graphic and all are multiple choice. Select the answer you think is correct and receive immediate feedback. If correct, you will see that you are correct and it will give you a bit more explanation of your correct answer. If incorrect, you receive the correct answer and an extended explanation of the law or reasoning behind the correct answer so you can learn. Along with the practice tests this website provides additional learning information about updated traffic laws, reviews of some common driving practices, and tips on making you a safer driver in the blog and articles tabs. This website is a must for those wishing to brush up on their driving skills and for those who need practice taking the DMV tests. Tests for all 50 states are available for practice.

Review by: Whitney Sears


Murderer Online

by editor on August 11, 2015


[Warning] This game includes intense violence, gore, and gruesome descriptions.

Shush! Do not dare to breathe. It might be your final breath.

Creepy, horrifying feast of murder. Breathless, intense horror game between a cruel murderer and beautiful fugitive.

Will you be a brutal murderer, or a fugitive who runs away and hides from a murderer?

Using various geographic features, a murderer can feel the excitement of finding and killing a beauty who tries to hide or run away. A fugitive can experience the extreme tension and thrill of escaping and hiding from the murderer, as well as the horror and fear of not knowing when you will be killed.

[Key Features]

  • In RUMBLE MODE, you can have a face-to-face contest to choose the strongest murderer.
  • Over 10 murderer characters with strong personalities offered.
  • Various situations created through crawling, jumping, and many other functions.
  • View-Jacking function to check the location and movement of a murderer by stealing his/her eyes.
  • With the transparency function, you can temporarily avoid a murderer’s eyes.
  • Through the heart color that gradually turns red, you can predict the distance between you and a murderer.
  • By accumulating the number of killing and points, you can upgrade the murderer’s skills.


Places to Get Married in Washington DC

by editor on August 3, 2015

Getting married in Washington, DC can be complicated because there is so much red tape to cut through. People come from all over the country and the world to get married in DC because virtually anyone can, as long as they meet a few simple qualifications.

What is not as simple is finding a wedding venue somewhere in Washington DC. One option that couples have is to hold their wedding next door to the Jefferson Memorial. Another option is to hold it at the Washington DC Memorial for World War I.

The Wooly Mammoth is a theater in DC that accommodates weddings. Located in Penn Quarter, this wedding venue has four spaces that couples can choose to rent for their wedding ceremony and reception. The Melton Rehearsal Hall is 1505 square feet and can hold up to 150 people. The lobby of the Wooly Mammoth can accommodate 125 people inside of it.

McClean Gardens also provides the perfect backdrop for any wedding. Its ballroom includes a ceiling 40 feet high with five chandeliers. With silk draperies 20 feet long and two fireplaces, this venue is the perfect location for a cozy winter wedding. The ballroom holds up to 350 people standing or 150 seated guests. Buffets with up to 110 people in attendance can be held at the ballroom. It can also hold a cocktail hour with anywhere from 160 to 350 guests.

The Lincoln Restaurant is another DC venue that often hosts weddings. With a private event coordinator on staff planning a luxury wedding at The Lincoln Restaurant is easy. One of its biggest selling points for weddings is its aesthetic value. The restaurant’s tiled floor serves as a conversation starter due to the million pennies glued to it. Couples also have the option of having a lighted display of the Emancipation Proclamation in the background of their wedding. The lights can be set to a couple’s wedding colors to add an extra touch to the ceremony. Adorning one wall of the restaurant is a Jasper John type mural of the American flag. Of all the restaurants in Washington DC that also serve as a wedding venue, The Lincoln Restaurant holds more guests than any others, at 300.

The Whittemore House is also a Washington DC wedding venue popular with local couples and couples from other states and even countries. The first floor has the ability to hold as many as 250 wedding guests. Ceremonies and receptions of up to 300 guests can be held by using both the first and second floors of the Whittemore House. Optionally, there is a large area outdoors for entertaining your wedding guests as well as doing activities that require open air such as lighting your premium quality wedding sparklers or hiring a company to produce a fireworks show. The formal rooms in this venue accommodate weddings of as many as 180 guests while the ballroom fits 180 guests.

Each of these popular Washington DC wedding venues has hosted countless weddings and has received positive feedback from couples. There are many more great choices in wedding venues throughout Washington DC. Wherever a couple chooses to have their DC wedding it is a memorable event.


Professional Locksmith Services in DC

by editor on July 15, 2015

D.C. locksmith fully understands what it means to be a provider of professional locksmith services to all of our clients, whether it be commercial, residential or Automotive. No matter the situation, D.C. Locksmith’s have the ability to take care of your locksmith needs.
What services can you expect from us?

D.C. Locksmith is proficient in the following specialty areas:

  • 24/7 Lockout Services Lock – Repair
  • Lock – Re-Key Vehicle Key Cutting
  • Lock – Change Broken Key Removal
  • Lock – Installation Garage Door Locks

Please CONTACT US to find out what other services we offer at – districtofcolunbialocksmith.com



Find Good movers in Washington DC

by editor on July 12, 2015

Our team understands your concerns about moving. From packing and protecting your belongings to safely transporting, storing and unloading them, we treat your belongings with the utmost of care. Greater Washington dc movers are tailored to your specific needs, resulting in a comprehensive, personalized local moving solution. Whether you need in-state, out-of-state or international moving services, you can count on our team of Washington, DC movers.



j_wingfield_carolinaindigobluesnap1_collar1 Indigo_western_large

This Carolina Indigo Blue Washed Snap Shirt straight cut chambray is made with 100% Authentic American made fabric and is the perfect fitting shirt to wear while out on the town, and will still feel comfortable while munching on late night grub from The 5 Point Café.

We came across this company and fell in love with their American Shirting Collection.

About J Wingfield:
The J Wingfield Company weaves into its shirts the experience of four generations of American textile engineers. From the sourcing of fiber, through the spinning of yarn, weaving, finishing and sewing, the company’s passion is to deliver an American produced shirt of unparalleled fit, quality, and style. J Wingfield proudly manufactures its products in the USA and invites you to join us by weaving our shirts into your own American dream.


How Important is Your Identity, to You?

by editor on April 21, 2015

cloackit_12pack100percent (1)
…How important is your identity, to you? Did you know you are walking around with your identity and financial information AT RISK?

Introducing a product that with keep your private information and identity SAFE: Cloak-It Card & Passport Covers.


The SECRET to securing your identity and credit data? Learn all you can about NFC Chip Cards: keep your credit and debit cards shielded! And, don’t forget about your passport!

Your search for the perfect RFID Shield is finally over! You now have an alternative to sleeves that disintegrate, are not effective and seams that come undone.

The premium materials, design and workmanship of Cloak-It Sleeves & Passport Protector Holders meet your needs and are within the standards on electromagnetically shielded sleeves for protecting from unauthorized NFC (Near Field Communication) intrusion and theft.

With the inner layers of copper paper and aluminum, the exterior made for durability, you’ll be pleased with these user-friendly sleeves.

Single (1)

This Value Pack of Electromagnetic Shielding Sleeves includes 10 Sleeves for standard size credit cards, Driver’s License, School I.D., Access Cards, Transit Passes, etc. PLUS 2 standard-size US Passport sleeves.

With the 5.375″ x 3.686 measurements, the passport sleeves will accommodate many models of iPhone, Samsung including some Galaxy models, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Apple, some Sony, as well as many provider-specific models from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon plus many others.

With so much coverage in one pack, you should go ahead and order extra Cloak-It packs as gifts for your world-traveler friends!

Order today during this price promotion and start protecting yourself in just a few short days!

You will receive your FREE eBook Comprehensive Guide to Consumer Safety in a couple of days after order confirmation of your Amazon.com purchase of Cloak-It Card & Passport protectors. This is a serious 100+ page booklet from GSA which offers education and contacts for every facet of our financial decisions. You have a choice on Amazon.com between 6 packs and 12 packs of Cloak it Card & Passport Covers PROTECT yourself and your family from un-necessary exposure to your security.

cloackit_sleeve_1wpassport (1)

6 Pack listing: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TI2QSA2

12 Pack listing: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00S3H0VW4



green_safety_sipper1_1…Did you know, FEMA states each person needs at least one gallon of clean, potable drinking water each day?

…Look around you, at the people in your daily world. How many gallons of filtered drinking water would it take to get just those people precious to you through the next 24 HOURS?

Safe drinking water is vital for survival. There are unpredictable things which could happen, from being stranded somewhere to a natural disaster hitting your area. Storing or carrying water supplies is nearly impossible and, there is also the possibility of the water to become contaminated. How can YOU insure to be prepared at all times?

blue_safety_sipper1_1Introducing: the new Safety Sipper™ – A personal water filter that is available for purchase online. Generally, water filters tend to be big, bulky and often require a power source. Nothing is needed for the Safety Sipper™ and it will filter up to 1,000 liters (That is 250 gallons)! The Safety Sipper™ is ideal for travel, hiking, camping, food storage, sports, outdoor enthusiasts, men, women, children and the elderly. The Safety Sipper™ personal water filter is the optimal choice for EVERYONE! Anytime, Anywhere…


both_safety_sippers1_1The recently launched water filter system – ‘Outdoor Water Straw Filter’ Safety Sipper™ is drawing the attention of users with its amazing blue and camouflage colors. The product is available on Amazon.com and comes with 2 FREE eBooks one, that acts as a guide for the users and the second is a survival tips eBook. The Water Straw Filter helps in making water cleaner and purer. Sources confirmed that Outdoor Water Straw Filter has special Sterilization mechanism. Whenever any bacteria cell comes in contact in water, the filter attacks them with the help of its high poly iodine resin. It destroys the bacterial enzymes such as pathogen organisms effectively and makes the water pure. It removes the bug, sediments, dust, algae and many other granular impurities.


The Safety Sipper™ filters can help in filtering 99.999 percent of parasites in waste water and bacteria to avoid dysentery. It can filter soiled water and purify it to sippers_5make it drinkable to help avoid a number of diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera. The personal water filter system can stop amoebic dysentery and associated intestinal ailment. Since it has special activated carbon it helps in reducing the bad taste, and other toxic substances including Trihalogenated Methane, chlorine, organic chemistry possessions and other injurious substances.



The HarmonyEdge™ Hunting Knife Sharpener

by editor on April 16, 2015


The HarmonyEdge™ is the perfect product for the kitchen counter as it is in the tackle box, hunting cabin, workshop or garage. A GREAT GIFT: Grab one for your honey back at headquarters too! Nicely packaged, stylishly at home in any décor’; handy, versatile and affordable Precise, two-stage sharpening in one unit. The coarse sharpening slot masterfully brings a blunt burred blade to a great smooth edge in seconds. Follow it up with the fine ceramic slot return them to top effectiveness. After you get the burrs and rolled edges taken care of, Quick and Easy Maintenance with a couple swipes in the “fine” slot after each use and you’re always ready to slice and dice.- A fantastic gift that is guaranteed to get used, suitable for all occasions – Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding gifts and a big hit for Outdoor Enthusiast.

Convenience: This mighty little sharpener fits conveniently in your utensil / knife drawer when not in use. With its compact design, the HarmonyEdge™ will easily stow away in your fishing, camping or hunting gear. 7-3/8 long X 2-3/8 tall X 1-7/8″ wide. Out in the field where you have no access to a bench and full size sharpening stones, this gem of a sharpener gets your blades back in shape SAFELY. The rubberized handle gives you a sure grip even when there is moisture.

This is also a handy item to pack with your water filter straw, hydration bladder and emergency survival food kit and supplies. A sharp knife is just as important as having enough fuel and fresh water to drink. Precise, two-stage sharpening in one knife sharpening unit. The coarse sharpening slot masterfully brings a blunt burred blade to a great smooth edge in seconds. Follow it up with the fine ceramic slot return them to top effectiveness. After you get the burrs and rolled edges taken care of, Quick and Easy Maintenance with a couple swipes in the “fine” slot after each use and you’re always ready to slice and dice.

The Right Choice for effective, efficient, convenient, safe and reliable sharpening for your home, office, cabin, camp or fishing boat. Pick up a few today so one will always be ready and waiting when you need it. Also, stash a few in your “oops, I forgot it was your birthday/anniversary/wedding shower” gift closet – or for your friends when they start begging for one of your HarmonyEdge™ Knife Sharpener’s!

IT WORKS ~ FAST and EASY: Two-stage process restores an effective edge to your blades in a snap. Best knife sharpener for the money – The HarmonyEdge™ knife sharpener’s






The Finest Art producer “Made in Transylvania” steps on the American market and beats records on Amazon U.S.

From now on, the most extravagant and pretentious art lovers can be delighted.

Based on Eco-Light technology the Startonight Dual View paintings are brilliantly colored printings, with the unique property of glowing in the dark. In the presence of any source of light (natural – from the Sun, or artificial – from light bulbs), only 30 minutes would be enough for a painting to be fully charged with luminous energy. Then, when evening comes, it will radiate a warm and discreet light.

More than 1.000 products can be found on amazon website.

About us:
With two factories in Romania and one in Poland and in collaboration with the most famous designers, Startonight conquested the European Market by its presence in all dedicated markets.

Ina Grecu
PR Manager
Startonight Chemie SRL

Email: office@startonight.ro
Country: Romania
Website: www.startonight.ro


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