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9-Year-Old Banned from SATs Math Subject Test

by editor on February 1, 2016

By the decision of the College Board, USA, 9-year-old home-schooled Adolphus Daniel Jr. from Trinidad & Tobago was banned from taking the SAT Math Subject Tests Levels 1 & 2 on January 23rd, 2016. The College Board rejected the application on the grounds that he was “too young”, shattering his dream of becoming the first 9-year old to have taken those specific SAT tests.





All Garage Doors Repair INC

by editor on December 29, 2015

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Garage door service and repair, new garage door installation. Quality service Licensed and Insured. Call (877) 767-6431 / (310) 907-7111



How to get Mixtape and Artist Placements

by editor on December 25, 2015

Welcome to 50djs50states.com The home of Independent Artist, Producers & DJs. 50djs50states.com is the number one website to get mixtape placements, promoted and hosted by your favorite new DJs.




Money Changer Singapore

by editor on December 10, 2015


Money Changer Singapore

GET4X provides a one-stop mobile/desktop application giving you instantly the best rates and the best places to exchange your money in a country (and not only the Yahoo!, Reuters or XE global market rate – which does not tell you how much you get in real life).



Enewwholesalewholesalemarketplaceadsbanner300X2502 There are a few factors to consider when selecting wholesale little black dresses. This ensures that you as a wholesale customer get the best deal. The following are the perfect tips to follow when making your selection:

1. Sizes. As an industrial buyer, your target market or the staff/employees to wear the dresses have different body sizes and shapes. It is thus important to have various sizes to fit them all. Make sure you gather information about their preferred sizes before placing the order.

2. Quality and price. This will indicate whether you as a buyer get value for your money. The durability of the fabric used and the price charged should rhyme. Take your time and browse through different online stores and check on the material used and the price charged for the same items before settling on a certain supplier.


3. Customization and color preferences. Some institutions have their dress code and color preferences to stand out from the rest. The ability of the supplier to provide clothes that fit your prescriptions is very important.

4. Processing and delivery time. This refers to the time taken after placing an order and the actual delivery of the wholesale little black dresses. This is a very important factor because some orders could be urgent for instance an order for dresses to be worn during an unplanned event. This goes further to look at the reliability of the distributor/supplier to deliver the orders within the given time frame. You can get information on the reliability of suppliers from customer testimonials from online forums and also from direct interaction with customers who have interacted with the potential suppliers.

5. Policies on return and exchange. Mistakes occur where a customer may place a wrong order or the supplier/distributor on the other side dispatches the wrong items. What should happen on such a case? There should be a clear process on how such cases should be handled. For instance, the number of days that one should take to claim for exchange or full refund and the party to pay for the shipping cost as a result of a mistake in delivery.

6. Supplier’s/distributors contact details. This ensures that there is communication between you and the supplier during the entire process. This is very important as it allows you to monitor and track your order for the wholesale little black dresses and you can make alterations to the order when need arises.

The above tips are applicable for industrial, institutional and commercial customers who need to buy wholesale little black dresses. Following them ensures that you get the perfect selection to cater for your shopping needs.


Speedy Junk Removal Northern Virginia

by editor on November 18, 2015

Are you looking for junk removal in Northern Virginia? There is a new company that believes in fast, friendly, and affordable junk removal service called SpeedyJunkRemoval. You can visit them at http://www.speedyjunkremoval.com/

What separates Speedy Junk Removal is they strongly believe in recycling what’s thrown away in their trucks. Speedy recycles as much material as they can. Also, Speedy has 14 foot trucks which is something very few hauling companies have. The larger truck means better value, more savings.

Please support this local company and book your next hauling product at Speedy: http://www.speedyjunkremoval.com/quotes/


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The world is moving with high speed in terms of businesses, for growth and prosperity every business required their products and packages to be sent more quickly to target destination. Gone are the days when consumer could wait long to receive their products and orders. Today’s companies are being reliable on courier service providers in order to outsource their consignment delivery as soon as possible.

The demand of receiving products and packages by customers, within a day or two is now normal from most of the globalized country of the world. No matters how quickly you manufactured a product, if delivery is not on time all your efforts would become inefficient. Therefore the role of Shipping is quite essential for smooth functioning of business.

USPS integration with CRM gives value to customers by providing online tracking facilities, order management, shipping, and logistics tracking for all products and services to ensure package reach the wrong hands as early as possible. It facilitates identification codes so that the customers stay assured that the product would safely reach the target destination.

USPS Shipping Integration

Busy professionals deal with a lot of information. Data organization and data collection is an important element as per the business requirements. With their hectic schedules the professionals tend to be erroneous while updating their shipping information such as updating addresses and primary information. And these errors will cost a bomb in terms of marketing dollars for both company and customers losing their important consignment or delaying it for a reason that it does not reaches the target destination.

Resolution on this is the CRM integrated USPS solution (United States Postal Service). That allows businesses to manage all their shipping needs within single system. Solution is designed in a way to create a process that fired on the creation of a lead record in SuiteCRM and determined if the address entered was actually valid. By utilizing the USPS API Web Tools web service, it’s a custom plug-in to automatically test the validity of the lead address against what the US postal service had in their database.

If your business uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) for shipping, this plugin enables you to manage the entire process and seamlessly integrate between SuiteCRM and USPS to reduces the time you’ll spend on manual processes such as printing labels and manifest forms—including USPS SCAN forms—and reduces the risk of shipping errors that affect customer satisfaction.

With this packaged integration, there’s no need to manage and manually exchange data between separate order management, logistics tracking, shipping and customer service systems. Instead, you can quickly retrieve real-time rates, complete sales orders, print labels and track orders—all from within the FyNSiS CRM.

Key Highlights of USPS integration with SuiteCRM

  • Automate Your Fulfillment Processes
  • Get Complete Visibility into Shipping and Delivery
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction with Self Service

SuiteCRM USPS Integration reduces internal bottle-necks of information by directly linking related tracking numbers to orders, invoices and customer account records. It will trim shipping costs by leveraging full shipment cost analysis with shipping integration “actual cost” tracking that ensures your shipping fees are highly competitive. CRM integration with USPS will minimize double entry with behind the scenes USPS API that eliminates redundant tasks like daily order processing, manual label printing and shipping rate estimations. SuiteCRM integration with USPS increases customer happiness.

Features and Benefits

  • Print postage-paid USPS shipping labels
  • Generate tracking numbers
  • Track package status
  • Support a multi-step fulfillment process
  • Save tracking numbers automatically back to sales order and invoice
  • Calculate shipping rates for international shipments originating in the U.S.
  • Add handling fees seamlessly to cover your labor and packaging costs.

SuiteCRM provides reliable, scalable and cost effective methods for integrating with third-party systems to streamline business processes. Web service API REST or SOAP APIs. It takes the complexity out of platform connectivity and application integration. Web service let us achieve interoperability between platforms and exposes the functionality and data of applications in order to be excesses by any service user. FyNSiS is SuiteCRM Code and Integration partner with complete command over the SuiteCRM framework and SOAP/REST API to seamlessly integrate SuiteCRM with any other application easily.

SuiteCRM Integration with your key business application to automate and streamline your business operations. SuiteCRM integration with various business applications such as SuiteCRM PayPal payment gateway integration, SuiteCRM Chat Tool integration, Asterisk integration, SuiteCRM LOB.com integration and SuiteCRM OpenCart integration can be downloaded from SuiteCRM integration plug-in main page. These connectors are ready to use, easy to deploy and most favoured Enterprise application integration


Melody Bromma and The City of Light

by editor on November 16, 2015


Out of soot, ink or sand, California bred writer, Melody Bromma, crafts songs, plays, columns and poetry. Touched deeply by the events in Paris, where she once lived, Melody Bromma turns her pen to crafting a poetic homage to The City of Light. A prayer for peace, it could be about Israel or New York or wherever the darkness persists in dimming the light.

City of Light

By Melody Bromma

Dead of night descending

a deafening blight arriving

on the backs of crows alighting

wings of soot, boots and noise

Death and night plummeting

barking lights cascading

into a fleeing heart, bleeding

the crows and blacksmiths reaping

Widowed City of Light

a brackish brawny night

has come to dim you

rape you and steal your moon

But shadows feed on fright

Darkness is merely absence

Of truth and love and light

Soon dawn will eat the night

Crows return to their nest of woe

like Nazi’s crippled by their own blows

The metal stones they’ve thrown

turn to pennies in the morning glow

Darkness does not exist

Fear will not persist

Even night cannot resist

Dawn in the City of Light

In memory of Hubert F. J. Bromma



Right on time for Christmas ! Get some unique gifts to your family and friends!

When i was browsing Etsy,I found this company Alfresco Unique Group one day while searching for a cute,

unique watch to wear this spring/summer. I saw this watch and fell in love…

The “Melting” fluid-like watch face is so unique and unusual.I just loved the double straps that you
wrap around your wrist. You can get the watch face in sliver or gold and you can pick from a variety
of leather straps, and choose from an array of different colors. Everything is custom made and the possibilities are endless.
All of their watches are each handmade with high quality Japan Made movement watches and genuine leather imported from Italy.

They not only carry high quality watches but they have a variety of unique handmade steampunk necklaces made with
vintage mechanical watch movements. They have watches for men and women and a large selection of unisex mechanical skeleton watches. All gears Move in the lovely dance of time. The Glass is transparent from both sides to show off the lovely moving  Steampunk Gears within.
I just love looking at all the gears move

( glass is visible from both sides of the watch ), and combined with a Unique Personalized Handmade Genuine Leather Band that wraps around, making it a dynamic piece of art on your wrist to show it off !

When you look at this fully skeletonized piece of art ( watch), you get a great view of the mechanics
and all the gears moving inside in what I personally call “ The Dance of Time”.

I sometimes watch it just for fun.

The mechanical watch is either automatic or manual.It is powered by a spiral mainspring that turns the gears that move the hands.

With their inner parts on full display, these mechanical beauties show us exactly what makes them tick.