Order Your GIANT Tumbling Towers JENGA Party Game

by newswashington on December 16, 2014


Builds 5+FT TALL & FREE SHIPPING. Throw the best Holiday PARTY & have fun w/ the best GIFT.



Raiser & Kenniff, PC, is a premier NYC personal injury law firm, with over 30 years of combined experience, helping victims of personal injuries.


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Surface Genies Hybrid Franchise for Under $1,000.00

by newswashington on November 21, 2014

CaptureSurface Genies hybrid franchise for under 1,000.00 allows you to start your own tile and grout cleaning, hard surface restoration business at a very affordable investment. With our business model you are able to learn the trade while earning a part time income!

For more information please call 864-561-5990 or visit us at www.surfacegenies.com

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by newswashington on October 27, 2014


A grass roots band of philanthropists are assuring that consumers are protected from VIRAL and BACTERIAL threats from pre-handled beverage cans. They also insure that Can-Ads will pay the beverage companies a new found revenue stream from 2nd party advertising in the $Billions.


McGruff agrees!




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Jordan Richter Management L.L.C. 2014 Growth

by newswashington on October 23, 2014


Jordan Richter is an artist in two unique forms. Thriving in both the music world and product development, Jordan takes his work very seriously.

Artistically, Jordan creates music that is defined within the EDM or electric dance music genre. The EDM singles such as Mild To Wild, Top, Top pt: 2, and #Halloween from album 24/7 quickly rose on YouTube as it continues collecting thousands of views. This is truly music that you can dance to! Jordan’s first music video features the hit single Mild to Wild and showcases the creative continuity and internal presence of his art. Look for Project Hillary to come with a super cool 3D animated twist.

In 2014, Jordan started working on an amazing skin care line, Desire Skin Care, to satisfy a need for high quality, enriching skin care products. The products are specifically designed to correct common skin problems so that bad skin or aging skin can be transformed with youthful radiance. Using a chemist approach, Jordan worked scientifically to create products that really work. Anti-aging is a common request for skin care lines to deliver and the Desire by Day and Desire by Night serums are capable of achieving just that. Jordan Richter isn’t the first to weave in the importance of sun protection with antioxidants to block UVA and UVB rays but he is the first to do so with such effective results.

Jordan Richter is much more than a businessman, he’s an artist and entrepreneur.

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Tampa Short Sale Lawyer

by newswashington on October 14, 2014

Tampa Short Sale LawyerIf you are unable to make your mortgage payments or have already fallen several months behind, a short sale lawyer is a valuable ally. Boss Law Tampa short sale attorneys can help. Mortgage debts and home loans are financial and legal issues. That’s why you need an advocate with experience in both areas. At Boss Law, They help homeowners across Florida by representing clients in state courts, working with lenders and negotiating favorable settlements. They can help you take advantage of your local short sale program.


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After Alexander Lynch was shot at by his confused father, he was determined to find a solution to the ever growing problem that is Alzheimer’s Disease.

This began Alexander Lynch’s hunt for a cure to this dangerous disease. Many of the drugs and medicine that are given to those suffering from Alzheimer’s contain harmful chemicals and Alexander did not want his father exposed to these. When Alexander found a study about a possible Alzheimer’s cure, he knew everything was about to change. After investing hundreds of thousands of his own money and contacting a professional chemist – Alexander was well on his way to changing the lives of thousands. If you want to change the lives of your family and other people, click on the video below to find out how you can access the solution to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alexander Lynch and Dr. Ron Goldman developed a non harmful, natural concoction that can be made at home and tested it on Alexander’s father. Within 10 days, they had great results. While many physicians and companies have been trying to purchase this program – Alexander is afraid that they will not use it for the right reasons or share it with the public. These companies make billions of dollars treating Alzheimer’s and similar diseases and would most likely hide this cost effective solution. Alexander has not hid it from the public and you can access his secrets by clicking here.

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Get Ready to Potty Train

by newswashington on October 4, 2014


Your little one is ready to potty train. Congratulations on making it to this stage! You need a great potty seat.

  • The Super Pooper TM Potty Seat is made of durable material and is designed to fit most, if not all, toilet seat configurations.
  • The custom design allows the brackets to be adjusted so that the potty seat is secure, yet easily and instantly removable for adult use of the toilet.
  • The Super Pooper TM Potty Seat is portable for your travels. And very easy to clean!

The Super Pooper TM Potty Seat has built-in handles so your child will be secure and feel comfortable so that he or she can take care of the business without the distraction of trying to not “fall in”. The built-in splash guard comes in handy for boys and girls while both genders practice their potty posture and aim. When you start your child’s potty training journey on a quality potty seat, you have the advantage of no “second” transition since the child is already using the big toilet. In selecting the Super Pooper TM Potty Seat you too will also benefit. Less dirty work than a standard potty chair or ill-fitting potty seat and less inconvenience than a potty seat that must be actually affixed to/mounted onto the toilet seat.

  • The Super Pooper™ Potty Seats also come with a complimentary eBook on health benefits of our products
  • Color options! For little boys (Blue potty seat) and for little girls (pink potty seat)
  • Do not forget to check out the Super Pooper™ stool that is great for children, toddlers, and babies to step up to or climb up to their potty seat that is secured on the toilet.

No need to compare! Backed by our 90-day money back guarantee.

Bathroom Elimination Luxury Aid – Super Pooper Potty Seats for the Commode / Toilet – Beneficial for Toddlers Children & Babies – Doctor Recommended, Digestive Health – Baby Girl Pink and Baby Boy Blue Color Options – 100% NO HASSLE 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

*Doctor Recommended, naturopathic doctor recommended, holistic professionals also recommend the Super Pooper Potty If you are serious about starting your little one off right with the correct potty training skills – This piece of bathroom equipment you must add to your household daily routine!!

*HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Custom design allows the brackets to be adjusted for secure fit to most if not all toilets and commodes To prevent the Super Pooper Potty Seat from any type of movement while your little one comfortable handles their business. The Potty Seats are structurally designed to fit snug around any toilet / commode bowl type(s).

*Insure the absolute best restroom experience possible for your little girls and boys! The most comfortable toilet / commode Potty Seats available on the market today! – They are comfortable, portable, light weight, and it is not very big or bulky…

*There is NO NEED TO COMPARE…The Super Pooper Potty Seats are a $30.00 Value! The Potty Seats also would make a GREAT GIFT! TAKE ACTION, AND ORDER YOUR SUPER POOPER POTTY SEAT OPTION NOW! …They will NOT last long!!


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Hedda Gabler

by newswashington on October 4, 2014

Arabic based film producers Anwar Kawadri and Ibriham Dashishah of Dashishah Film Production www.dufilmproduction.com, seem to be creating an international storm. The co-production company has reportedly told cast and crew of their new movie “Urban Hymn” that they are “axing” the film adaptation of Hedda Gabler. Written by Iconic Henrik Ibsen the hardcore fans stretch every corner of the world. Since the film was announced in May the film has been making a phenomenal sweep in the social media outlets. Many fans have been left wondering what is happening with the eagerly anticipated movie.

Director Matthew John in email assures fans that the film will not be axed. They can-not axe it. The cast and crew have been very grateful for all the support from the staff at DU Film Productions. It is however disappointing that the lines of communication and support between the two companies have broken down. He also graciously wished there new production all his best wishes.

Anwar and Ibrahim were hard to get a statements from, but staff from the set of Urban Hymn, said that Anwar Kawadri was adamant to destroy the film at any cost, for what reasons are bewilderment to everyone.

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The Lucie Foundation has launched a new online crowdfunding platform exclusively for photography-based projects. Fotofund is the non-profit’s latest endeavor to attract unique and exciting photography projects that will propel the medium forward as well as foster their mission to support, honor, and cultivate photographic talent. Reaching a global audience of both seasoned and emerging photographers, Fotofund will support a diverse roster of photography-based projects from traditional to non-traditional approaches of the medium. Tapping into the Lucie Foundation’s vast network of photographers and loyal advocates of their mission, eager photographers are creating early campaigns and backers are quickly taking notice.


Dan Wynn Archive FotoFund Campaign Video from Geraldine Baum on Vimeo.

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