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Junior Einsteins

by editor on May 1, 2016


Here is an opportunity to gift our kids something we can be proud of. Invoke the junior Einstein in your kid with our new mobile game featuring scientifically drafted quiz questions. We are bringing together expert educationists specialized in children brain development and technology experts to conceptualize this game. The concept and game play are simple and intuitive while the content is meticulously planned.

Our aim is to develop a game that every parent would love their children to play!

The objective of the game is simple. The player answers the question presented with 4 options. Correct answer allows them to progress to the next question. Hundreds of questions across all categories keep the player exhilarated and intrigued.

There are numerous fun elements in the game like sound and alerts by the mascot ìEinsteinî, sparkling stars, splendid use of colours and animations. As the player enjoys the game, the well-crafted questions ensure their brain and knowledge development occur simultaneously.

More than a 1000 questions spread across 100+ levels.



LED Light at the Lowest Price Ever

by editor on April 30, 2016


LED Light 6watts for 3.12 USD




LED Light at the lowest price Ever

by editor on April 26, 2016


LED Light 6 Watts Dimmable available in 3 Color ( Cold / Warm / Neutral ) for Only 3,12USD

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Identity Theft and Internet Security

by editor on April 26, 2016

In an age of technology internet security is something that every company should be thinking about. Not being proactive in regards to the security of databases, websites and confidential information can leave doors open to those looking to steal and sell anything valuable. This is what happened to a long list of people starting in 2006.

An intrusive worm was spread that is believed to have originated through a website that provided free graphics for everything ranging from social media profiles, website graphics and retail product packaging. This worm was unknowingly downloaded into a computer and was virtually undetectable over the course of several years until antivirus software developed a way to detect and remove it.

Thousands of people ended up with horror stories where their identities were stolen and their lives were overturned. Thieves wired money out to overseas bank accounts. Funds were never able to be recovered. Credit card numbers were stolen and sold to people who were able to duplicate that information and print out new cards with the owner’s information. Businesses were opened under stolen identities which resulted in all types of fraud committed.

Advanced security measures were implemented by financial institutions and agencies to prevent long term theft of this nature from occurring and going on as long as it did back in 2006, 2007 and 2008. By 2009 victims and government officials were still cleaning up the mess it caused but had a handle on it spreading. Victims often filed bankruptcy to give them a fresh start.

Web developer Scott Holdman of Big Bay, Michigan says he feels violated and considered changing careers. He states “How do I know that this won’t happen again while I’m working on a website. I develop over 50 websites a year and I could not bare the thought of putting my family through this again. I’m definitely building other projects on the side to fall back on so that I can have an exit strategy.”

Others that were effected opted to stay off of social media. Kelly Hansen of Long Grove, California says “I was addicted to social media and posted multiple times per day on it. After this happened I deleted my account and talk to my friends and family via text and phone. It’s more personable.”

Then there are some that took the experience down a different road such as Marisa Schmidt of Elk Grove Village, IL. “If anything, it made me put the security of my computer my number one priority. Whenever I buy a new computer I always install the best of the best security to prevent this from happening to me again in the future.”

With new laws in place now to protect consumers, victims now have more of a voice and legal options. Maybe one day internet security will be so good that no one will ever have to worry. Until then the moral of the story is to take preventative measures before you do anything online.


Atlantis: The Small Island Has Been Found!

by editor on April 20, 2016



According to a new book, Atlantis Pyramids Floods, by Dennis Brooks, the small island of Atlantis has been found. When Plato wrote about the island of Atlantis, he said it was 1/2 mile wide and held several structures including temples and the king’s palace. This island has been found in Florida.

Dennis Brooks has spent over twenty years researching Atlantis and Noah’s Great Flood. Now, he answers many questions about the two legends. The clues about Atlantis and its location came from three main sources: Plato’s Dialogues, Dr Phelon’s Book,  and Edgar Cayce’s Readings. Even though the three men use different terms in their descriptions, they all described the same terrain features. This interpretation is no mistake; all three of them described the Florida Plain as the Plain of Atlantis.

Plato said that the plain of Atlantis was 200 miles wide and 300 miles long. This is the length and width of the Florida Plain.  Dr Phelon said that the plain was flat and even with many canals leading to the City of Atlantis. You can still see those canals in Florida today. Plato said that a great ditch went around the Plain and was 1200 miles in length. That ditch is now the Indian River; it is 1200 miles long. Dr Phelon said that the plain was a virtual garden with all of its farmland irrigated by a river and many canals; that is Florida! Plato said that on the Atlantis Plain, the farmers gathered two crops a year. Florida provides two crops a year.

Plato said that Atlantis was destroyed by earth quakes and floods. Cayce said that many years ago, water came in from the ocean and submerged this plain. Plato said that the small island of Atlantis had three large canals around it. This island in Tampa has three large canals around it. Cayce said that the survivors of the flood left the plain and went to the Yucatan Plateau in Mexico. Dr Phelon said that Tampa was the Great City of Atlantis and that Mexico City was the Grand City of Atlantis. Edgar Cayce said that of the two islands in the area, the small island of Atlantis would be the first to rise again. In 1968 a large development company started working to rebuild the two islands in the area, which were nothing more than mudflats at the time. The small island, which Cayce called Poseida, was the first one they built up and developed. It rose again and is now called Harbour Island. It has a large gated community on it. Cayce said that the remains of a temple on the small island holds the records of the lost civilization. The story goes that Poseidon built his castle on that island and put three moats around it. He was the father of Atlas who inherited the city and surrounding land, which was named after Atlas. The continent, country, city, and small island were all called Atlantis.

“Atlantis Pyramids Floods: Why Europeans are White,” is a new paperback and updated ebook. It includes all the latest discoveries and archeological findings. The ebooks are interactive; they have links to all the terrain features the storytellers wrote about. The books tell the story of Atlantis from the beginning and reveals many other details about the lost civilization. You can zoom in to see the old subdivisions and canals on the Florida Plain, visit the king’s palace on the Yucatan Plateau, or learn about how the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau are related to Atlantis. The story of how we found Atlantis is on our website: atlantispyramidsfloods.com.

Members of the media may request an interview with the author through his website. For those of you who want to review the book in the Kindle format, I will email you a gift code so that you can claim the mobi, kindle book, from amazon.com. Those of you who would like a pdf ebook to review, can download a free pdf copy from the author’s webpage at lulu.com: lulu.com/spotlight/dennisbrooks. The Kindle ebook and pdf will be on sale for $.99 for one month for your readers. Eventually the two ebooks will return to their regular price of $7.99. The hardcopy is on sale for 50% off at Lulu for people who would rather read a paperback book.




Seattle, Washington is seeing an epidemic of homelessness as a consequence of drug addiction. Despite some debate, people are in overwhelming agreement that the culprit of this homelessness epidemic is almost entirely heroin.

A recent shooting in a homeless camp in the jungle has reignited a heated debate over how to address the problems caused by drugs. The shooting was the result of an attempted debt collection and drug deal gone bad. All three shooting suspects are brothers under the age of 18.

There has been a recent outcry for drastic change to how the problem of drug addiction is being addressed. The current system is clearly not working. The increase in prescription opiate drugs is creating a new generation of heroin addicts.

The number of heroin addicts admitted to treatment centers has nearly tripled in a six-year span from 2009 to 2015. Heroin is becoming more and more potent than in years past, adding to the potential for overdose and death.

In 2014, heroin overdose deaths in the United States reached 10,574, over five times higher than just 15 years prior.

Western Washington state and the rest of the United States is seeing a drug epidemic that affects people regardless of gender, race, age, and tax bracket. Used needles are littering the streets. The problem is so acute that the city of Seattle is offering classes on how to safely clean up used needles.

The number of people seeking help with addiction is greater than the amount of help that is available. One reason for the influx of opiate use and subsequent homelessness seems to be that the current system for treating addiction is overloaded.

At least 150 people are on the waiting list for methadone clinics in Seattle. Additionally, some estimate that only 35 percent of opiate addicts who are willing to get treatment for their addiction are able to get the help they need.

The closure of several treatment centers as a result of the recent recession is also being cited as a reason for the shortage of treatment availability. Funding is needed to reopen these treatment centers and to open new clinics in areas starved for a solution.

One of the main hurdles to overcoming addiction is being able to get help to the individual when they are willing to receive that help. It is a tragedy that so many are seeking help to no avail due to lack of funding in one of the most affluent parts of the country – thanks to Microsoft and Starbucks.

Clearly, a new approach is needed to find a working solution to the heroin epidemic. The “war on drugs” failed.

State and local government are dealing with the problem ineptly. Some people are voicing the need for this epidemic to be treated as it would be if it were any other plague, invoking the use of army tents and treating the ill en mass. Simply pitch tents and hit the problem head on instead of talking endlessly while the piles of used needles get higher on the streets.

We need more focus on the solution rather than funding treatment of symptoms of the disease. Homeless encampments are synonymous with Heroin. Instead of funding the construction of new homeless cities, the money should be used to address the root problem – heroin.


How To stop Snoring At Nights

by editor on March 15, 2016

Sleepless nights have forced many people to ask the question: What is the best cure for snoring? You have no doubt discovered that snoring creates not only difficulties in your relationship with your spouse, it also causes problems for you throughout the day. Why? Because a good nights sleep is necessary for your physical and emotional well being. This makes finding a cure for snoring very important to you and your deprived sleep partner.

Snoring problem is mechanical in nature that’s why we can fix this naturally. Snoring only occurs when your jaw is position in a certain way. This mean that if you can control the position of your jaw, you shouldn’t have this horrible sleeping issue. When we are sleeping, our muscle will cause your jaw to fall into the throat and create pressure. The proper and easiest approach you can take to fix this problem is by using a chin strap jaw supporter.

Some have this option of surgery to cure this problem, but is this an answer to the problem? Maybe surgery is an option, but it is not practical, we need to look at natural and more cost effective options. Using an int-snoring jaw strap will hold the jaw up so that it can’t put pressure on the throat.

As you can see, using an effective chin strap can dramatically reduce snoring. It provides the support your jaw needs while you sleep. While your jaw is in this supported position, it becomes virtually impossible to produce the snoring sounds that you’re annoyed listening every night.

Now a days, even science took a long time to study why this snoring happens to all men. The non-stop questioning of every individual in how to fix this problem and how it is happening to them was brought into science. It took science a long time to figure out why this happens. Eventually, it was learned that the position of your jaw has a huge influence on the problem when you go to sleep, it becomes unsupported, and this creates a narrowing in the throat area.

So the solution for you to have great nights sleep may be just around the corner. Solve it in a natural way. If you’ve tried other cures for snoring and had no success, maybe it’s time to try naturally like this. It works effectively for many people.



Seattle, WA—Founders David Vanderwaag and Sebastian Wright are proud to announce the successful October 2015 launch of their new Seattle based company, Zooken.com. Zooken.com is an online platform that allows consumers to search for strains by zip code. Additionally, Zooken.com is a full-service marketing company for other businesses in the cannabis industry.

The founders at Zooken.com aim to provide an entirely new online platform to connect consumers and retailers in the Washington cannabis industry. Their Find Your Strain search feature allows consumers to research their favorite cannabis strains and browse listings for the best prices and products. Zooken.com offers a free year-long, no-obligation membership to cannabis providers in the Washington area that are looking to list their inventory on the site. Once enrolled, providers will also get to create an info page to advertise their location, services, and mission.

In addition to the exposure it provides for local cannabis providers, Zooken.com is expanding to include advertising and marketing services for retailers in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Their marketing experts are offering services to assist providers in this budding industry with branding, websites, SEO, graphic design, copywriting, and more. Cannabis companies can also set up ads on Zooken.com to capture the unique audience that uses Zooken.com everyday.

As the cannabis market continues to grow in states where it has been legalized, the founders at Zooken.com are committed to changing the perception the public has about the industry and cannabis use in general. Their professional site and marketing services allow consumers to research strains in an organized, educational way and help retailers break the mold with innovative marketing strategies.

Founder David Vanderwaag commented on his place in the cannabis industry saying, “Although it’s still socially taboo in many parts of the country, we are proud to be taking an active roll in the industry’s growth and progress, as well as a firm stance against Cannabis Prohibition.”

Cannabis brands looking to connect with Zooken.com for advertising or marketing services are encouraged to reach out




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9-Year-Old Banned from SATs Math Subject Test

by editor on February 1, 2016

By the decision of the College Board, USA, 9-year-old home-schooled Adolphus Daniel Jr. from Trinidad & Tobago was banned from taking the SAT Math Subject Tests Levels 1 & 2 on January 23rd, 2016. The College Board rejected the application on the grounds that he was “too young”, shattering his dream of becoming the first 9-year old to have taken those specific SAT tests.