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Membership of The Historia Illius Itineris

by editor on October 13, 2015


Using a combination of ritual, psychogeography and psychodrama The Historia Illius Itineris seeks to create the perfect embodiment of the metaphor archetypes to create health, wealth, happiness and community.

The Historia Illius Itineris functions as the organisation of practice groups (“lodges”) for graduates of the Foundation levels of Metaphors of Movement work developed by Andrew T. Austin.

Lodges typically meet ten times per year and members are free to join as many lodges as they wish. Lodge meetings typically are two hours in length, with one hour discussion and/or Metaphors of Movement practice and development and a one hour study paper.

The study papers come from archive of “The Body of Knowledge” which represents the core material of advanced techniques and processes that are not taught on the conventional Metaphors of Movement trainings.

The material of “The Body of Knowledge” is organised by degrees and each degree typically represents a one year part time study. There is no requirement to progress through the degrees within any minimal time frame and initiates are free to remain at whichever degree they wish for as long as they wish. Progression however requires submission of key pieces of work to be added to “The Body of Knowledge.”

The Historia Illius Itineris is not a training course, therapy group or support group but does however offer guidance for students to navigate the more complex material from Metaphors of Movement and the teachings of Andrew T. Austin.

Entrance to each degree is attained by participation in a psychodramatic event (“initiation”) that embodies key and relevant structures from Metaphors of Movement. Initiates are required to swear oaths and are required to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. Membership is confidential and as such The Historia Illius Itineris functions as a secret society.

The Historia Illius Itineris is structured as an international initiatory organisation. It is elitist, secular, non-political and has no formal affiliation with any other organisation.



Knowing Nile By Ian Zachary Whittingham

by editor on October 12, 2015


Knowing Nile -By Ian Zachary Whittingham 
Facebook Blog Hit & Multi Award Nominee”Knowing Nile”is a factual, frank and incredibly witty account of Knowing Nile in his final year in London, or in Nile´s words, “The way it was.” Nile died in June 2012 after taking his own life @ 19. Funny, Highly Addictive and Terribly Moving Knowing Nile .”

Maybe it’s time you did 




Video release – Death to get here (D2GH)

Immediate release

The Recipe drops the world’s first ‘360 rap video’ for their No.1 single ‘Death to Get Here’.

Shot by CollectiveBKP using interactive 360 technology, The Recipe takes you on a dark journey of the sacrifices they made for hiphop. Best viewed on the mobile YouTube app for the full 360 effect, ‘Death to get Here’ drops plenty of metaphorical references to the current state of hiphop as well as the groups constant personal struggles to ‘make it’ in an oversaturated and cliche market.

Produced by upcoming Dubai producer @Bangzymusic, ‘Death to Get Here’ recently hit No. 1 on the iTunes UAE charts and follows The Recipes signature sound of balancing raw hiphop with the sounds of today.


About The Recipe

The Recipe began as a project designed to bring talented Hip Hop artists in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) together to record a compilation album and help promote the culture in the Middle East, as the project grew and began generating regional interest, the collective began receiving invites to perform at live events. Upon completion of the mixtape the collective launched the project under the name “The Recipe” with a sold out event,making it the first Hip Hop show headlined by regional artists!

The Recipe have performed at clubs, art shows, exhibitions, festivals, charity gigs and concerts, either as the main act or in support of international artists such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Rick Ross, Snoop DoggFat Boy Slim, Akon, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, De La Soul, Marcus Houston, Omarion, Lloyd, Prime Cuts, Foreign Beggars, Pendulum and Karl Wolf.

If you want to know more about The Recipe, make sure to check out the following:  www.therecipedxb.com

New Single out on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/death-to-get-here-single/id1029520032?ls=1

SoundCloud: Therecipedxb

Facebook: Therecipedxb Twitter: Therecipedxb Instagram: Therecipedxb

Youtube: TherecipeDXB


Happy Music – A New Healer?

by editor on October 8, 2015


Happy Music – A New Healer?

By Maria Jones

Musicians hold the power to influence the mood of the listener in quite a dynamic way. In addition to the effect music can have on the individual, it also has a serious effect on society as a whole and can mould and mark social history. Nothing can quite touch the influence that music has over how we feel, almost instantly, when exposed to specific melodies, beats and lyrics. Music can therefore be used as a happy pill of sorts, in the way that certain beats, rhythms, and song lyrics can instantly uplift a listener’s mood, or create calm in an environment, without being anything else but played.

Music can take us back in time to a point in our lives, and we remember how we felt at that exact time we heard it. It is not so much of a case of remembering what we were doing or where, but how we felt.

Science has only just scratched the surface of what profound effect music can have on our mental, emotional, as well as physical wellbeing. Whether it is to do with sound waves or frequencies in relation to our brains, or something else, the evidence that music really works as a mood enhancer is all around, and easy to try out!

When melody is perfectly fused with uplifting lyrics then you have something very special, a happy pill of sorts, and one of the best examples I have found to demonstrate this is the song “Joy”, by OLLYI.ON, which can be listened to here;

This song “Joy” is a wonderfully apt title for the point illustrated here, giving a motivating soundtrack for uplifting lyrics, it’s almost impossible not to listen to this song and feel in a better mood.

– Maria Jones (mjones@execs.com)



Modern Martini now available in Las Vegas, NV.
Modern Martini makes high quality premium martinis which consist of finest premium vodka which is meticulously filtered through virgin coconut husk carbon, proven to have superior properties of removing impurities over other filtering methods, also more environment friendly than others. The high standards of quality followed by the company ensure the wonderful and signature taste of each and every drink.

MM_STACK960x540One of the best features of the drinks is that they don’t need to be mixed and tried to achieve best flavors as the company has put all the research itself to make best cocktails and just need to opened and served chilled. It also saves the money spent on going to a pub or bar or paying to the bartender to get the best cocktails. This makes Modern Martini drinks best suited for travel, instant party plans, weddings, beach time and anywhere or anytime one wants to sip a delicious cocktail.

The company offers a wide variety of cocktails like the popular ‘Sex on the Beach’ which is best enjoyed on beaches. The ‘Cosmopolitan’ is best for an evening out in town or while simply enjoying a casual get together with friends at home. The Cosmo drink is assured to get the night rolling and make the evening more memorable. The ‘Island Citrus’ cocktail with its perfect blend of sweet and tart will take the consumer to a world of ocean sounds and gently swaying palm trees. Another drink perfect for a picnic and camping under the stars is ‘Apple Fuji’, with its taste redirected from the best apples and dissolves on the taste buds with an orchard full of flavor.

CupidsBrokenArrow960x540_Fotor960x540The products are now being carried in the mini bars of Hilton Hotels located in San Diego as well. With its high quality and exotic flavors Modern Martini ensures with its drinks that consumers get best value and experience for their purchase.


Company Name: ModernMartini
Website: www.modernmartini.com
CEO/Founder: Brooke Wiseman, from Las Vegas, NV now resides in San Diego, CA
Launch Date: Fall 2015
Location: California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida

Media Contact
Company Name: Modern Martini
Contact Person: Brooke Wiseman, CEO/Founder
Email: Send Email
Phone: 310-927-1161
Country: United States
Website: www.modernmartini.com


Top Beach Houses In Costa Rica!

by editor on October 3, 2015


Find the best beach houses for sale or rent in Costa Rica on Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS)




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New Fitness Brand Going Viral #Wakeuppraylift

by editor on September 28, 2015

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By 2021, there are expected to be 1 million jobs in the field of coding with empty chairs because the demand for coding skills is growing quickly, according to a January 2015 study. At the top of the totem pole for coding jobs sit computer and information research scientists. The median salary for this position is in the triple digits, and the need for workers in this role is expected to rise in the near future.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook pins the median salary for this job at $102,190, as of 2012. Computer and information scientists can expect such a salary because professionals who work in this role usually have a doctoral or professional degree. They spend years studying computer science to earn this kind of money.

Computer and information research scientists fashion pioneering ways to apply computer technology. They also find new ways to use technology that already exists. They harness the power of computers to solve computers in fields seemingly unrelated to computing, like business and medicine.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for this position to grow by 15 percent through 2022, which is faster than average for all jobs.  One driving factor in the increase in need for computer and information research scientists is that businesses have begun to amass large quantities of data, outpacing those web development opportunities. Businesses will then need their help to create algorithms to analyze patterns and trends in that data. Additionally, the growing need for cyber security is creating more job openings for individuals in this field.

As you consider a career in IT, you might consider going to school the extra few years necessary to command the prestige and salary of a computer and information research scientist. You’ll better be able to utilize your creative ideas to solve practical problems in just about any field of interest to you. Computer science is not just all about technology. It’s about making a positive difference in the daily lives of people around the world.


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.23

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