History’s handshake: When past meets present, visions converge

History's handshake: When past meets present, visions converge.

History’s Handshake: The Mysterious Confluence In the age before the modern world, two lands existed side by side, separated only by the Veil of Realities. One was the Kingdom of Ameris, led by the wise and battle-hardened President Lincoln, while the other was the Empire of Newtera, governed by President …

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Trump’s Unexpected Recitation


It was an unseasonably warm afternoon, and the vast green fields of Gettysburg National Military Park shimmered under a gentle sun. Thousands of spectators had gathered, their eyes fixated on the podium ahead, expecting the start of a routine address. As President Trump approached the microphone, whispers and murmurs filled …

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Smithfield family struggles to find AC repair company

Chicago AC repair

Air conditioners can be difficult to fix during a stretch of intense heat, compounded by staffing shortages. But when someone’s health is at stake, the need is magnified. Tonyia Harwell says she hasn’t slept the last few months because she’s worried about the temperature in her house. Her daughter, Dana, …

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Is Drake Bitin’?

Whoa… hold up! Now, I’m not one to make false accusations about anyone’s music but… on the real, a few fans brought to my attention that there seems to be some “Nonstop” boosting activities going on – allegedly … and I am not the guilty party. Take a listen. Can …

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El Hassan Boukind Morocco’s most sought-after cosmetic surgeon

It takes special skill, knowledge and dedication to work in the plastic surgery field of medicine–and El Hassan Boukind, a professor plastic and cosmetic surgery, has all of that and more. His career spans 26 years and covers multiple areas of study; the breadth of his skills and talents in …

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Your Journey Starts with a Good (bnb) Idea!

BnBidea.com is the new online platform for the rental of your accommodations. It is now possible to try this site for free, without any obligations! What makes BnBidea different. The rental is not regulated by the site. They only establish the contact between the owner and the traveler. All conditions …

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