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Being in the digital age has its own share of ups and downs. On one side, people are getting a little bit lazier because of the emergence of a lot of gadgets that significantly reduce the amount of effort a person does in his or her everyday routine. On the other side, being in the digital age gives a lot of benefits that makes life a little bit easier and convenient for us, especially for those who are always on the go. One of the things that makes life easier for a lot of people is the ability to get access to their favorite television shows whenever and wherever they may be just with a couple of clicks and push of a button along with a good internet connection. And in this area, Netflix does it like no one else can.

A Brief History
What started in 1997 as a simple video rental company by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings has now grown to be a subscription based rental and streaming companies which holds more than 10,000 worth of various movies and television series and shows. And in the year 2010, Neftlix started to expand their video streaming services to Canada and got a very good response from people living in the country. Up to date, there are approximately about 4,000 different videos, movies and television series that are offered via Netflix Canada.

Netflix access in Canada

Movies and Television Shows
Although 4,000 television shows and movies streamed in Netflix Canada certainly do not compare to the 10,000 videos that can be accessed through American Netflix, there are still some shows and great movies that are worth watching which are only exclusive to the Canadian Netflix. Here is a list of some of the television shows and series that can be accessed through the Canadian Netflix:

● 1000 Ways to Die
● America’s Funniest Home Videos
● American Gangster
● Arrested Development
● Art of Flight
● Avatar: The Last Airbender
● Barney
● Beverly Hills 90210
● Bewitched
● Bones
● Breaking Bad
● Buffy the Vampire Slayer
● Californicaton
● Camelot
● Charmed
● Classic Doctor Who
● Dawson’s Creek
● Dexter
● Dollhouse
● Family Guy
● FlashForward
● Friday Night Lights
● Fringe
● Futurama
● Glee
● Gossip Girl
● Homeland
● How I Met Your Mother
● Huff
● Justice League Unlimited
● Legend of the Seeker
● Lie to Me
● Lost
● Mad Men
● Nip Tuck
● Numb3rs
● Party of Five
● Reaper
● Roswell
● Saturday Night Live
● Sesame Street
● Sherlock
● Skins
● Star Trek: The Next Generation
● Supernatural
● The Ellen Show
● The Ultimate Fighter
● The Walking Dead
● The X-Files
● Top Gear UK
● Video Game High School
● Weeds
● Xena: Warrior Princess
● Young Hercules: The Complete Series

The list above shows just some of the good television series that you can watch via Netflix Canada. When it comes to movies, there are also some good movies that can only be seen exclusively via the Canadian Netflix. Some of the movies that you can watch are the following:

● Drive
● The Debt
● Breakfast at Tiffany’s
● Days of Thunder
● Sleepy Hollow
● Larry Crowne
● Extremely Loud and Incredibly close
● Sharknado
● City of God
● 127 Hours
● 12 Monkeys
● 500 Days of Summer
● Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
● Across the Universe
● Air Force One
● Alpha Dog
● American Psycho
● An Education
● Battle: Los Angeles
● The Beach
● Being Erica
● Bowling for Columbine
● Boyz N the Hood
● Broken Embraces
● Catfish
● Children of Men
● Closer
● Community
● Cruel Intentions
● Cube
● Das Boot
● Dirty Dancing
● Eat Pray Love
● Enemy at the Gates
● The English Patient
● Finding Neverland
● The Firm
● The Freshman
● Frida
● Glory
● Hanna
● Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
● The Hurt Locker
● The Illusionist
● Inglorious Basterds
● In The Line of FIre
● The Italian Job

Those are just some of the good movies that you can watch via Netflix online streaming. With Netflix, wiewing experience has never got so much better.

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