Ernesto Weisburg Reveals the Skills Required of Private Investigators

Ernesto Weisburg is a private investigator who has been featured in digital news publications in the U.S. and around the world, providing specialized knowledge and advice about being a private investigator. To learn more about Ernesto Weisburg you can visit his private investigation blog.

In today’s interview, Ernesto Weisburg has agreed to share the skills he believes are required of Private Investigators (PIs). According to Weisburg, there are certainly many skills required of PIs, and specific skills depend on which type of PI you wish to be. Overall however, the list below is a great starting point if you want to become a private investigator and are wondering what may be expected of you.

Ernesto Weisburg says that one of the biggest perks of the job is getting to meet a lot of interesting people.

He recalls, “I would have to be discreet so that people would give me the information I needed without realizing that I was a private investigator.”

Here is a list of skills that are required for private investigators (perhaps some of the skills that may be on your next undercover job listing if you’re considering applying to become a PI):

Technical Skills: In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to have technical skills as a private investigator. Aside from simply producing photo and video evidence, PIs are required to capture evidence of moving targets without being seen. They may also be required to understand how to access and navigate databases and work with large sets of data. It all depends on what the job entails and which type of private investigator you happen to be.

An Eye for Detail & Focus: An eye for detail and observation skills are both a major part of becoming a private investigator. PIs often have to spend hours staring at a single location without getting distracted. If you happen to look away for even a moment, your subject may emerge and you may miss everything. It can be a tiring job, so it’s important to have an eye for detail and to have the focus and discipline to stay on task.

Surveillance Toolkit Knowledge: As a private investigator, you may need to have further specialized knowledge beyond the initial technological skills you will be required to have. You may be expected to know how to use a multitude of surveillance tools, how to navigate digital data banks, use GPS tracking systems, video surveillance and computers.

Communication Skills: Ernesto Weisburg says you need to be able to communicate as a private investigator. Not only will you be reporting back to your clients or your firm, but you will be expected to interact with people on the job and it’s important not to give away your cover. For that reason, it’s important to communicate in a trustworthy manner and to infer what your target may be thinking, where they may be looking and more.

A private investigator today needs to understand how to use impression management to maintain their cover and find out the information they need. They need to be able to stay out of sight, or at least out of suspicion because giving up your cover may mean losing an entire day of work or progress – or even the whole mission.

As a private investigator, Ernesto Weisburg says he has had a lot of fun. When he looks back on the past two decades of his career, he feels joy and satisfaction for everything that he has accomplished in his role.

He says that his future endeavours include opening multiple private investigation firms and even churches, as he is a minister as well.

In his spare time, Weisburg believes in giving back to the community and to God through the church .

When asked about making his future dreams a reality, Weisburg says: “It will take a lot of work and effort. I know it will, and that’s why I will keep working towards my dream.”

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