Happy Music – A New Healer?


Happy Music – A New Healer?

By Maria Jones

Musicians hold the power to influence the mood of the listener in quite a dynamic way. In addition to the effect music can have on the individual, it also has a serious effect on society as a whole and can mould and mark social history. Nothing can quite touch the influence that music has over how we feel, almost instantly, when exposed to specific melodies, beats and lyrics. Music can therefore be used as a happy pill of sorts, in the way that certain beats, rhythms, and song lyrics can instantly uplift a listener’s mood, or create calm in an environment, without being anything else but played.

Music can take us back in time to a point in our lives, and we remember how we felt at that exact time we heard it. It is not so much of a case of remembering what we were doing or where, but how we felt.

Science has only just scratched the surface of what profound effect music can have on our mental, emotional, as well as physical wellbeing. Whether it is to do with sound waves or frequencies in relation to our brains, or something else, the evidence that music really works as a mood enhancer is all around, and easy to try out!

When melody is perfectly fused with uplifting lyrics then you have something very special, a happy pill of sorts, and one of the best examples I have found to demonstrate this is the song “Joy”, by OLLYI.ON, which can be listened to here;

This song “Joy” is a wonderfully apt title for the point illustrated here, giving a motivating soundtrack for uplifting lyrics, it’s almost impossible not to listen to this song and feel in a better mood.

– Maria Jones (mjones@execs.com)

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