Edgar Tibakweitira Julian’s Business Growth Strategies

Edgar Tibakweitira Julian’s Business Growth Strategies

Edgar Tibakweitira Julian is a business analysis, marketing and branding expert in Washington. He’s currently working as a consultant in the same line of work and agreed to participate in an interview to share his top business growth strategies. Julian has helped grow businesses in Washington and beyond, and he says a lot of his success is because of his commitment to getting his clients results.

“It brings me great personal satisfaction to start a business from scratch and help it become successful,” says Julian.

One tip Julian has is to focus on relationships with customers and clients and partners when you’re helping grow a business. He says growing a business is about forming strong relationships, and often the success of the business will depend on the initial relationships that were formed when it was launched. Julian says forming strong relationships has always come naturally to him.

“I love to build business relationships and personal relationships,” says Julian.

Julian says another tip he has for growing a business is clear goals and timelines. He says a healthy dose of ambition will also help. Businesses have different stages of growth, and it’s important to have concrete goals to steer that growth in the right direction. Setting deadlines and committing to them is important as they keep your business delivering on time and growing at a steady rate. Julian is also an advocate of social media, and actively uses social media to promote businesses he’s working with.

“I’m involved with all the social platforms,” says Julian.

According to the database company Statista, over 50 million small businesses currently use Facebook pages to connect with their customers. Not using social media in a business growth strategy would be leaving a powerful tool off the table — one that other businesses are already taking advantage of. Aside from growing businesses and consulting business owners, Julian keeps himself busy with his own projects

“I am in the early stages of forming a consultancy that will explore and give advice on real estate development and opportunities in East Africa.”

Julian says he’s looking forward to starting his new business but currently working on market research and strategy. He’s also interested in social entrepreneurship and helping people in need.

“I want to distribute pharmaceuticals in rural regions of East Africa, specifically trying to reach the hard to reach areas,” says Julian.

When Julian witnessed the scarcity of medicine in rural regions of East Africa, he decided to make a change. He is starting a non-profit to help tackle the issue and has even compiled his own research that he intends to publish.

“The research will help educate people and raise donations for our cause.”

Over the last six months, Julian managed to visit regions in rural East Africa himself. Witnessing the issues affecting people firsthand has given him the information he needs to take action, which leads to his final tip:

Julian says you should get involved in things you care about.

“The passion got me started.”

If you’d like to learn more about Edgar Tibakweitira Julian, stay tuned to our site or look out for his content on social media.

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