Patriotic Places to Get Married in Washington DC

A patriotic Washington DC wedding can be very memorable for some couples. The good news is that there are a few excellent choices when it comes to patriotic wedding venues throughout D.C.

The Flying Bridge is a popular rooftop venue for weddings. Couples who hold their ceremony or reception here have a view of The U.S. Capitol as well as the Washington Monument and the Library of Congress. A retractable canopy can be opened or closed accordingly, giving couples the peace of mind in knowing that even if the weather is bad their wedding can still continue. Both air conditioning and heating are available for rooftop weddings, making this the perfect patriotic venue for a wedding at any time of the year. Couples can choose from pre-arranged floor plans or they can customize their own.

Old Ebbitt Grill located in downtown D.C. is an ideal location for a patriotic wedding. With the Lafayette Square White House next to it, couples can be proud of their Old Ebbitt Grill wedding. The restaurant’s atrium is the perfect place to hold a wedding ceremony and reception. Having opened in 1856, Old Ebbitt Grill was the restaurant of choice for Theodore Roosevelt, as well as Cleveland, Harding and Grant. When it was first established, the building was used as a boarding house that was home to President McKinley when he was serving in Congress. Old Ebbitt Grill is also credited with becoming the first saloon in Washington DC. The saloon was frequented by the above named presidents as well as Presidents Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S. Grant. Many figures in today’s political world frequently dine at this restaurant.

The Sequoia Restaurant can also host a patriotic wedding and looks out over attractions such as Roosevelt Island, Memorial Bridge, the Kennedy Center and more. Couples can choose to reserve the whole restaurant for their wedding or simply reserve the restaurant’s private State Room. There are also semi-private areas throughout the restaurant that couples can reserve for their wedding. Wedding receptions can be held indoors or outdoors at this restaurant and couples have the option of using the restaurant’s full service bar. Weddings of up to 250 people can be accommodated at the Sequoia Restaurant. The on-site catering services are utilized by couples who choose this venue for their wedding. Tables and chairs are also available for couples to use. Located in a convenient area, the restaurant is close to public transportation as well as many patriotic attractions.

Couples can also choose to get married at The National Mall. They can hold their wedding and reception at the DC War Memorial, the George Mason Memorial and Thomas Jefferson Memorial’s west lawn where they can light sparklers in honor of the great people who have served this country and their own love. Couples must apply for a permit in order to be able to get married at any of these memorials. There are many restrictions placed on couples who choose to have their wedding here.

Each of these venues helps couples have the patriotic wedding they always dreamed of, and what better place than in our nation’s capital; Washington DC.

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