Junior Einsteins


Here is an opportunity to gift our kids something we can be proud of. Invoke the junior Einstein in your kid with our new mobile game featuring scientifically drafted quiz questions. We are bringing together expert educationists specialized in children brain development and technology experts to conceptualize this game. The concept and game play are simple and intuitive while the content is meticulously planned.

Our aim is to develop a game that every parent would love their children to play!

The objective of the game is simple. The player answers the question presented with 4 options. Correct answer allows them to progress to the next question. Hundreds of questions across all categories keep the player exhilarated and intrigued.

There are numerous fun elements in the game like sound and alerts by the mascot ìEinsteinî, sparkling stars, splendid use of colours and animations. As the player enjoys the game, the well-crafted questions ensure their brain and knowledge development occur simultaneously.

More than a 1000 questions spread across 100+ levels.


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