Excellent Driver’s Ed. Website for Permit Practice


Driversprep.com is an excellent website for reviewing driving skills and taking practice tests for the DMV Driver’s License. The site is simple to use. Click on “Start Your Practice Test” button on the home screen and then select the state in which you will be taking the test and the test begins. The question layout is similar to what you will find on the DMV test. The questions usually have a graphic and all are multiple choice. Select the answer you think is correct and receive immediate feedback. If correct, you will see that you are correct and it will give you a bit more explanation of your correct answer. If incorrect, you receive the correct answer and an extended explanation of the law or reasoning behind the correct answer so you can learn. Along with the practice tests this website provides additional learning information about updated traffic laws, reviews of some common driving practices, and tips on making you a safer driver in the blog and articles tabs. This website is a must for those wishing to brush up on their driving skills and for those who need practice taking the DMV tests. Tests for all 50 states are available for practice.

Review by: Whitney Sears

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