All About Sizzurp and Teens

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Sizzurp is making headlines nearly as much as the young celebrities abusing it. Justin Bieber, among others are believed to take this powerful combination because of its sweet taste and narcotic side effects. Users of sizzrup often believe that since the base is a prescription drug, that it really cannot do any harm. But this cannot be further from the truth. The blend starts with a prescription required Codeine cough syrup to which sodas like Mountain Dew or Red Bull are added with candies. Part of the mystique is that it is traditionally sipped out of Styrofoam cups.

Prescription Codeine cough syrups have their place – they can be helpful when used for short periods of time, under doctor supervision. However, Codeine is a highly addictive narcotic pain medication. In most of these prescription cough syrups, there is also a sedative in the form of the anti-histamine Promethazine. There is a reason this is a prescription medication and not available over the counter; it is a highly addictive compound.

Some teens and young adults take the Sizzrup one step further by adding alcohol. This is particularly dangerous as it increases the effects of the Codeine and Promethazine causing significant impairment of motor skills and cognitive function. And, if combining Sizzrup with alcohol and caffeine isn’t enough, some teens are upping the euphoria, and the danger by crushing additional prescription narcotic painkillers and mixing them in. This is not a “cool” cocktail…it is a potentially life-threatening cocktail.

While the young celebrities are taking this combination lightly, and often, it has not been without very public overdoses and adverse responses. In fact in 2008 Pimp C, a rapper died of a cough-syrup overdose, and just last year, Bieber pal Lil Wayne was hospitalized for serious seizures that nearly took his life. All due to this sweet customizable cocktail made from prescription cough syrup. There are some teens that instead of prescription cough syrup are using over-the-counter syrups to get the same high. While not as dangerous as Codeine, it still can cause serious long-term health consequences, and even death.

The media today glorifies young celebrities and their drug use, and the celebrities themselves brag about using them. It is no wonder that more and more young teens and young adults are following in their footsteps and experimenting with drug cocktails. Other street names for Sizzrup include:

  • Purple Drank
  • Lean
  • Barre
  • Purple Jelly

If you suspect your teen is using cough syrup or other prescription or over the counter medicines to get high, seek help immediately. Medications used improperly can lead to serious health conditions and may result in death. Teens are particularly susceptible these days as their “heroes” tout the benefits of these “safe” drugs. Talk to your teen today about the reality of addiction and the dangers of abusing alcohol, prescription medications and over the counter medications. New Found Life of Delray Beach has counselors available to help you make smart choices to get off and stay of drugs. Call today for more information on their innovative multi-disciplinary approach to addiction and sober living. Visit for more information.

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