Modern Martini Vodka Cocktails launches a new line of products in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Modern Martini now available in Las Vegas, NV.
Modern Martini makes high quality premium martinis which consist of finest premium vodka which is meticulously filtered through virgin coconut husk carbon, proven to have superior properties of removing impurities over other filtering methods, also more environment friendly than others. The high standards of quality followed by the company ensure the wonderful and signature taste of each and every drink.

MM_STACK960x540One of the best features of the drinks is that they don’t need to be mixed and tried to achieve best flavors as the company has put all the research itself to make best cocktails and just need to opened and served chilled. It also saves the money spent on going to a pub or bar or paying to the bartender to get the best cocktails. This makes Modern Martini drinks best suited for travel, instant party plans, weddings, beach time and anywhere or anytime one wants to sip a delicious cocktail.

The company offers a wide variety of cocktails like the popular ‘Sex on the Beach’ which is best enjoyed on beaches. The ‘Cosmopolitan’ is best for an evening out in town or while simply enjoying a casual get together with friends at home. The Cosmo drink is assured to get the night rolling and make the evening more memorable. The ‘Island Citrus’ cocktail with its perfect blend of sweet and tart will take the consumer to a world of ocean sounds and gently swaying palm trees. Another drink perfect for a picnic and camping under the stars is ‘Apple Fuji’, with its taste redirected from the best apples and dissolves on the taste buds with an orchard full of flavor.

CupidsBrokenArrow960x540_Fotor960x540The products are now being carried in the mini bars of Hilton Hotels located in San Diego as well. With its high quality and exotic flavors Modern Martini ensures with its drinks that consumers get best value and experience for their purchase.

Company Name: ModernMartini
CEO/Founder: Brooke Wiseman, from Las Vegas, NV now resides in San Diego, CA
Launch Date: Fall 2015
Location: California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida

Media Contact
Company Name: Modern Martini
Contact Person: Brooke Wiseman, CEO/Founder
Email: Send Email
Phone: 310-927-1161
Country: United States

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