How Can Recruiters Progress in 2014?

photo_of_george_mounsefTechnologies and lifestyles are constantly changing. Today, we interviewed Bachir Mounsef, Senior Recruiter, to understand how can recruiters progress during the New Year 2014.

Work is slowly improving for corporate recruiters, who are affected deeply by the lack of employment. The economic situation forces many companies to decrease staff, but recent increase in jobs across the U.S is reenergizing the recruiting role. Certainly, HR managers now realize that staffing operations need to be more cost effective and efficient. Therefore, successful recruiters must be creative, and more resourceful than ever before.

There are several ways that we as headhunters can have a competitive advantage over one another. The first option is to simply work harder. Though, caution should be taken to control the pressure that accompanies long work hours. The proper use of technology is another way to thrive in the coming year. Most of us do not take full advantage of the recruiting equipment at hand.

I regularly use tutorials to stay current with the ever-evolving ATS software, and am trying new applications that could help me better organize my workload. The use of smart phones is becoming the favorite way to communicate with applicants, as top candidates are often busy and on the go.

I have several social network and job board applications on my iPhone, which allow me to stay in contact with desirable job seekers during non-working hours. Moreover, recruiters should make job postings more exciting to attract the best personnel. Employment ads must highlight the exciting aspects of the job, and give candidates a sense of how they can influence the future.

Today, companies are increasingly outsourcing hiring operations. External recruiting is becoming cost effective, and often relieves management from the time consuming staffing procedures. Therefore, corporate recruiters need to be increasingly more effective at work, as independent ones aim to acquire their share of the pie.

Bachir Mounsef, Senior Recruiter Specialist.

Bachir Mounsef is a Senior Recruitment specialist who worked for companies such Manager4Less and Trancas International Films where he worked with top Hollywood directors and producers. Mounsef hold a BA in Business Administration and HR Management from Devry University.

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